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Does Your Business Have A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Creating a marketing strategy is more than budget planning. It’s sales.

When you create a business marketing strategy, you do more than regulate your budget. You begin to give yourself the tools for long term business success.

By crafting a repeatable, measurable marketing plan, your business can gain a big picture view of what is working, what doesn’t work, and how to improve your global brand evangelism. So, in a way, your marketing plan is your sales funnel blueprint.

Digital Marketing Strategy At Wizard Marketing 2
Digital Marketing Strategy At Wizard Marketing 2

You Cannot Fix Marketing Mistakes If You Don’t Know What They Are

The plan isn’t about getting it perfect out of the gate, but measured steps forward.

Most strategists and consultants will claim overnight and overwhelming success for your campaigns. This can happen, but is the exception, not the norm. Instead, The Wizard takes a methodical, incremental approach that yields long term, repeatable fruit.

A good digital marketing plan can get you some sales, but a great marketing plan will net you opportunities far beyond the flash in the pan sales ever will. They build engines that churn out leads steadily and create repeat customers. These are the types of opportunities that great business are built upon.

What Can You Expect From A Refreshed Marketing Strategy?

Sure, you want to know what to do, but you also need a “why”

A strong marketing strategy encompasses more than some blog posts and an email. It includes:

  • An Executive Summary – A breakdown of goals, targets, channels, strategies, opportunities, and obstacles.
  • Growth Goals and Targets to Reach – What to expect from the results and where we want to go as we grow.
  • Target Market (Ideal Buyer Personas) – Who you need to reach and why they are the best people to focus on.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – The analytical touch points that define success, failure, and improvement.
  • Situation Analysis – Where you are today, why you are there, and hwo to we make it better quickly, but efficiently.
  • Your Product and Pricing – The magic souce that is your business, Including the remarkable offerings that make you unique.
  • The Plan – An actual, scale-able marketing calendar with dates and activities, engineered for your business using your brand, personas, data, and capabilities.
Digital Marketing Strategy At Wizard Marketing 2

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