Seasonal Landscape is a  local landscaping business that provides services in the state of California. Their services include landscape design, installation, maintenance, and irrigation systems. Despite having a good reputation and a long history in the area, they were struggling to get new leads through their website. They were relying on referrals and word-of-mouth, but they knew they needed to expand their customer base. The Wizard Marketing was able to help them increase the number of leads through a paid ads program.

The Challenge

Seasonal Landscape was facing two main challenges. The first one was that they were not generating enough leads from their website. They had a website, but it wasn’t optimized for lead generation. It lacked calls to action, clear messaging, and relevant content that could drive visitors to take action.

The second challenge was that they had a limited marketing budget. They couldn’t afford to invest in expensive advertising channels like TV or radio, so they needed a more cost-effective solution.

The Solution

The Wizard Marketing proposed a paid ads program that would target potential customers in the local area. The program consisted of four main components:

  1. Keyword Research: The Wizard Marketing conducted extensive research to identify the most relevant keywords for Seasonal Landscape’s services. They used tools like Google Keyword Planner to find high-volume, low-competition keywords that could drive targeted traffic to the website.
  2. Ad Creation: The Wizard Marketing created a set of ads that were highly relevant to the keywords identified in the research phase. They used persuasive copy and compelling visuals to entice visitors to click on the ads and visit the website.
  3. Landscaping Page Optimization: The Wizard Marketing optimized the website’s landing pages to improve the user experience and increase the conversion rate. They added clear calls to action, relevant content, and trust signals to reassure visitors that Seasonal Landscape was a reputable and trustworthy business.
  4. Campaign Management: The Wizard Marketing managed the campaign on a day-to-day basis, monitoring the performance of the ads, adjusting the bids, and refining the targeting to ensure that the budget was being used effectively.


The paid ads program implemented by The Wizard Marketing delivered impressive results for Seasonal Landscape. Here are some of the key statistics:

Lowered Overall Marketing Budget

The program was able to lower the overall marketing budget for Seasonal Landscape. They were able to achieve this by using a more targeted and cost-effective approach.

Reduced Cost Per Lead Acquisition

The program was able to reduce the cost per lead acquisition to $35 per lead. This was a significant improvement over their previous marketing efforts, which were much more expensive.

Increased Value Per Lead

The program was able to increase the value per lead from $10,000 to over $30,000 for an average project. This was achieved by targeting high-end customers who were willing to spend more on landscaping services.

Saved Hundreds of Hours on Ads Management & Asset Creation

The program was able to save Seasonal Landscape hundreds of hours on ads management and asset creation. This was achieved by outsourcing the campaign management to The Wizard Marketing, who were able to handle all aspects of the program.

Provided a Local Presences That is Dominating Over 40% of Local Search Results

The program was able to provide Seasonal Landscape with a local presence that is dominating over 40% of local search results. This was achieved by targeting keywords that were relevant to the local area and optimizing the website’s landing pages to appeal to local customers.


The paid ads program implemented by The Wizard Marketing was able to help Seasonal Landscape increase the number of leads and improve their marketing ROI. By using a more targeted and cost-effective approach, they were able to achieve impressive results in a short period of time. The program reduced the cost per lead acquisition, increased the value per lead