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Marketing can be a daunting task for any business owner. There’s no set rulebook to follow or a guaranteed path to success. However, The Wizard Marketing has a unique perspective on marketing that can help business owners shift their mental approach to a more successful one. According to The Wizard Marketing, there is only one functional difference between marketing and a game. The only difference is that when you’re playing a game, you’re supplied with a rulebook. That rulebook tells you what the end goal is and what rules you can and cannot break. When it comes to marketing for your business, you don’t have a rulebook. However, the beauty of marketing is that you get to pick what the win condition is.

Pick Your Win Condition

The first step in creating your marketing game is to pick your win condition. What is it that you want to achieve? Maybe you want to increase sales, gain more social media followers, or simply get the contact information of potential clients. Whatever it is, set your win condition and build rules around that. The rules will give you structure and help you stay focused on achieving your end goal.

Identify the Blockers

Once you know what your end goal is and what rules you want to put in place to achieve it, think about the different actions that you can take to reach towards your end goal. Then find any blockers against making those moves. Blockers can be anything that is stopping you from achieving your goal. Whether it’s financial constraints, a lack of resources, or limited knowledge, blockers become the rules that you need to follow. By acknowledging and understanding these blockers, you can create a plan that will help you overcome them and reach your end goal.

Make Better Decisions

With the rules in place, you can now make better decisions to circumvent those rules and reach your end winning condition. Thinking about marketing in this way can really help you break out of a rut if you have no idea of what to do next. It can also help you strategize some new ways to achieve victory conditions for your business. The process of setting up an achievable victory condition allows your brain to start thinking in a brand new and innovative way where a victory is not only attainable but extremely possible.

Shift Your Mental Approach

The beauty of marketing is that it allows you to be creative and think outside the box. If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, turning your problem into a game that you can win can be a useful mental shift. By shifting your mindset, you can approach marketing with a new perspective and a more positive attitude. Instead of feeling like you’re facing an impossible challenge, you’ll feel like you have a clear set of rules and a path to victory.

In conclusion, marketing is very much like a game, with the only functional difference being the lack of a rulebook. By setting up your own win condition and building rules around it, you can make better decisions and overcome any blockers that are stopping you from achieving your end goal. Thinking about marketing in this way can help shift your mental approach and allow you to approach it with innovation and creativity.

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